Health & Safety Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is required for my entrance at Golden Hall?

For the entrance in the Shopping Center is required the use of mask, without any other obligation, while at the same time, we continue to dutifully observe all the procedures for everyone’s safety.

2. What do I need for my entrance in the Golden Hall’s stores?

The use of mask is required for the entrance in the Golden Hall stores.

3. Are masks mandatory in Golden Hall?

The use of a mask is mandatory for all visitors and store staff, in all enclosed areas of the center.

4. Can I find protective masks at Golden Hall?

All guests should wear their masks or if they don’t have one they can obtain it from the Pharmacy at the entrance. Masks are also sold in various stores of the Shopping Center.

5. What is in effect with the air conditioning in the Golden Hall?

Our air conditioning units in public areas operate with 100% fresh air supply, without recirculation, offering your well-known oasis of coolness without any risk.

6. Is the use of toilets safe?

We take care of the disinfection of the toilets every 15 minutes, with certified cleaning procedures for the protection of visitors and employees.

7. What is in effect for the restaurants?

Following the relevant decision of the competent authorities, Golden Hall’s restaurants are operating normally.

8. Is the use of restaurant toilets allowed?

Yes, you can use the restaurants’ toilets, always by complying to all the required regulations. It is reminded that, the use of a mask is mandatory in all enclosed areas of the Shopping Center.

9. What applies to children? Should they wear masks?

The regulations are applicable to everyone without any exception. The use of the mask is mandatory also for children both in the enclosed public areas and in shops.

10. What will happen if there is a Covid case in Golden Hall?

In case of a Covid case, the competent authorities will be informed immediately, and we will faithfully follow the instructions of EODY.

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