The groundbreaking knitwear of the season!

During the winter, knitwear is an absolute must have. Thin or thicker, simple or with distinctive designs and colors, they should be included in everyones’ closet, in addition to warmth, they also give extra style points to your appearances. In Golden Hall you can find the most refined and stylish men's knits of the season, which can be worn in countless ways and adapt them to your personal look.

Navy blue is probably the most versatile choice when it comes to men's knitwear. No matter how many you have are never enough. So why not try at least one more? Choose a cashmere sweater from the Falconeri store, which you can match it with corduroy pants for your office or casual looks.

You can also try the knitwear from Lacoste, which has a zipper and can be included for an impressive layering, in addition to your jacket and a chic vest.

If you want to break away from the norm, all you have to do is invest in different colors. The light coffee cashmere, which you will find in the Ermenegildo Zegna store, is perfect to wear on its own, or to blend it with something more so to create a complete look for the colder days. 

Even more daring but also stylish is the knitwear proposed by the Oxford Company. The bright orange color will give your appearance a more fashionable tone and will definitely catch the attention.

Who said that the classic men's polo shirt can not be knitted? Brooks Brothers propose a different variation of the two must haves, a classic knitwear and the absolute timeless polo shirt. Choose the color that suits you, our proposal is something out of the ordinary. 

Finally, the knit can be in detail. Proof of this special cardigan from the Vardas store, which is made of soft material and has ribbed finishes. Can you imagine something more stylish for winter?

Φούτερ ultrasoft cashmere

249 €

Ανδρικό Μάλλινο Πουλόβερ

185 €

Πλεκτό από κασμίρι και μετάξι

825 €

Πλεκτό πουλόβερ

69,50 €

Πουλόβερ Polo Merino

160 €

Πλεκτή ζακέτα

145 €
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