Carolina Herrera

In 2001, Carolina Herrera introduced her lifestyle label CH Carolina Herrera, consisting of luxurious women’s and men’s ready-to-wear, childrenswear, accessories and specialty items, embodying the effortless elegance and refinement of designer, Carolina Herrera. Her intention was to create a fresh line which reflects a modern, effortless, chic lifestyle for men, women and children. This year, CH Carolina Herrera opens in Greece its first flagship store, which will include women, men and children collections. The CH Carolina Herrera women collections exhale femenity, elegance and timeless luxury, while men collections demonstrate masculinity and effortless style and childrenswear reflects the lifestyle of a happy kid. 
The 165 sq CH Carolina Herrera store in Athens adopts the latest global CH Carolina Herrera store concept, ensuring a stimulating and enticing shopping experience. It is based on the creation of a beautiful space that is both evocative and welcoming, with the use of simple, elegant and sophisticated materials. The ambience of the store is warm and sensual; different atmospheres are created within the same space. There are intriguing dressing rooms, split glass displays of Carolina and Carolina Jr. throughout the store, making it a personal and intimate environment. 
Upon entering the store, the accessories collection captures the eye of the client with its low ceilings. The use of warm woods, alabaster panels, raw linen and wool sisal carpets create an intimate space of luxury. In the men’s area, the space is defined by an infinite spectrum of grays, browns and blacks with accents of dark red and silver. Raffia floors, sliding wood panels and screens complete the space making a comfortable area for men to reflect and observe. When entering the women’s area, a change in décor is visible. Hardwood floors with plush carpets, silk lined armoires and the red hues reflected by the lamps and cushions make a woman feel attractive and luxurious in this intimate environment. 
In the store, a comfortable fireplace graces a beautiful library. Aromatic candles burn in every corner filling the store with the three CH Carolina Herrera signature scents. The specially selected music and wonderful array of books complete the experience. The Herrera vision of the world is intuitive; it is an aesthetic in which reason is closely linked to perception. In the store a complete CH universe is created. 
As Carolina Herrera mentioned, “CH Carolina Herrera represents today’s lifestyle. It represents my daughters and myself. It is a spirit and an attitude towards life. The woman is free and modern; the man is unique and active. It is a complete universe of elegance, comfort and style, housed in an extraordinarily refined space”. 
About CH Carolina Herrera philosophy: In 2001, CH Carolina Herrera represented a specific lifestyle for men and women beyond nationalities that captured the elegant and distinctive Carolina Herrera signature style. It is the expression of the Carolina Herrera brand and its aim is to create elements that can become part of everyday life for those who identify themselves with the Carolina Herrera style. 

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Carolina Herrera
Carolina Herrera
Carolina Herrera

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