DPAM (Du Pareil au Même)

DPAM creates stores based on one simple idea: children’s clothes and shoes should be inspired from their lives, adjust to their needs and be one and the same… Du Pareil au Même! This idea allows DPAM to create products that are original, practical and imaginative and fit perfectly with the active, cheerful, optimistic world of children. In this way children get to grow up... like children. DPAM's integrated collections, which are renewed on a weekly basis, cover all children's needs for all hours of the day (and night) and for all the circumstances of their lives.

Clothes for children from 0 to 14 years old Shoes (from Νο17 to No 35) Pajamas Underwear & accessories Newborn 

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DPAM (Du Pareil au Même)
DPAM (Du Pareil au Même)
DPAM (Du Pareil au Même)

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