My Daily Spot

The stores “My Daily Spot”, always located the most high aesthetics shopping malls and commercial areas, provide the total of Greek and foreign press on a daily basis, so as the client can have access to his daily paper or favorite magazine every day of the week. Apart from the “daily essentials”, one can find special presents, inspired from the unlimited number of fine and quality gifts addressed to all, women, men and kids, such as trendy card games, puzzles, top seller toys, pens, calendars and agendas, customized greeting cards, smart gadgets, souvenir presents and tobacco products and accessories. Moreover, one can taste his favorite snack or other sweet delight, picking form large variety of delicious snacks and juicy refreshments, fresh and available all days. Last but not least, at the stores “My Daily Spot”, the client may renew his mobile phone talk time, find interesting book titles and very special stationary for his daily needs.

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My Daily Spot
My Daily Spot
My Daily Spot

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