Kapopoulos Fine Arts

The Kapopoulos Fine Arts gallery, inside the Golden Hall, is a unique place for the presentation and promotion of the contemporary trends of Greek and world visual art. At the same time, a meeting point for the art fans of the surrounding areas, and not only, who can make unique choices in works of high aesthetics and quality, both painting and sculpture, of important Greek, European and international artists, represented exclusively by the Kapopoulos Fine Arts gallery, which always accompanied by a certificate of authenticity.

Art objects have been selected directly from the workshops of the artists themselves, with whom they maintain a direct and interpersonal relationship, the hosts of the gallery Marina and Evangelos Kapopoulos. Guided by their sincere love for art and their many years of experience, they propose renowned visual artists from Greece and abroad, embrace the new trends of creation and give way to young promising painters, who shape the new landscape and the future in the visual arts space.

Among them you will find works by Mr Brainwash, Richard Orlinski, Aiiroh, Laurence Jenkell, Fred Avella, Erró, Antonio Segui, Andre Monet, Cédric Bouteiller, David Gerstein, Grassi Marco, Hawini, Valentini Luca, which are harmoniously combined with their Greek counterparts, such as Παύλος (Pavlos) (Διονυσόπουλος), Γιάννης Γαΐτης (Giannis Gaitis), Σπύρος Βασιλείου (Spiros Vasiliou), Μάριος Πράσινος (Marios Prasinos), Δημήτρης Μυταράς (Dimitris Mitaras), Όπυ Ζούνη (Opi Zouni), Παύλος Σάμιος (Pavlos Samios), Κώστας Τσόκλης (Kostas Tsoklis), Αλέκος Φασιανός(Alekos Fasianos), Σωτήρης Σόρογκας (Sotiris Sorogkas), Βασίλης Σπεράντζας (Vasilis Sperantzas), Μιχάλης Μακρουλάκης (Mihalis Makroulakis), Δημήτρης Γέρος (Dimitris Geros), Μίνα Παπαθεοδώρου-Βαλυράκη (Mina Papatheodorou-Valiraki), Απόστολος Λάβδας (Apostolos Lavdas), Κωστής Γεωργίου (Kostis Georgiou), Γιώργος Σταθόπουλος (Giorgos Stathopoulos), Σοφία Καλογεροπούλου (Sofia Kalogeropoulou), Γιάννης Κόττης (Giannis Kottis), Δημήτρης Δάλλας (Dimitris Lallas), Ανδρέας Ψαράκος (Andreas Psarakos), Βασίλης Αντωνάκος (Vasilis Antonakos), Κάτια Βαρβάκη (Katia Varvaki), Τάσος Χώνιας (Tasos Honias), Γιάννης Παπανελόπουλος (Giannis Papanelopoulos), Βασίλης Σολιδάκης (Vasilis Solidakis), Γιάννης Κούτρικας (Giannis Koutrikas), Σταύρος Δίτσιος (Stavros Litsios), along with the younger ones Sonke, Sake STC, etc. We are interested in the coexistence of artists from different generations, in order to build bridges of communication between them.
Our goal is to serve and satisfy the public’s requirements for art, meeting the high-quality standards, through the creation and maintenance of a mutual relationship of trust between the artist, the gallery, and the art collector.

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Kapopoulos Fine Arts
Kapopoulos Fine Arts
Kapopoulos Fine Arts

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