The brand ilias LALAoUNIS has identified its name with the international presence of Greek goldsmithing. Maintaining the well-known high aesthetics of ilias LALAoUNIS aesthetic, the store located in Golden Hall presents a more youthful and renewed image, balancing the long tradition with the new trends, the classic with the modern. The jewelry collections in the new store were not only selected based on maintaining the special & art-loving public of the house, but also the acquaintance of a new public with the creations of ilias LALAoUNIS. Light collections for young people with a point of view, but also other more timeless ones that remind the customer that "every piece of jewelry has its own story". In addition to jewelry creations, selected art objects, suggestions for home and table decoration as well as various options for business gifts are presented.

Ilias LALAoUNIS is an internationally recognized and acclaimed company with stores in Greece and abroad, marking a successful course for more than 40 years.
For the last 10 years the company has been successfully managed by the four daughters of Elias Lalaounis. Their main goal remains the uniqueness in the jewelry designs and the continuous development of the business activity, with new stores and strategic collaborations, which made the brand as one of the "top brand of luxury jewels in the world".
With jewelry that expresses today's woman, the house's collections are constantly been updated with modern creations. Inspired by the art of different cultures, science and technological developments, they maintain their special character and follow the rhythms and trends of modern fashion. As Elias Lalaounis aptly put it, referring to his design philosophy, "every piece of jewelry has a story to tell".
The establishment and operation of the "Elias Lalaouni Jewelry Museum", which promotes the history of jewelry and Greek goldsmithing, is part of the company's activities.

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