TGI Fridays™

At TGI Fridays™ the cheerful staff, the authentic American atmosphere and the relaxed environment are the perfect recipe for a shopping break or a delicious brunch stop before your shopping experience at the mall.
At the restaurant you will find the all time classics. Tex-mex flavors such as tacos, quesadillas and 
burritos. The famous Jack Daniel’s® sauce - secret recipe from Tennessee, an all-time favorite option with dishes that have characterized TGI Fridays™, such as the mouth-watering Jack Daniel’s® Ribs.
Impressive burgers that are prepared with 100% pure fresh ground beef, on a fluffy brioche bun that is prepared daily without any preservatives and homemade sauces made by Fridays™ chefs. For those who follow the well being and superfood trends, they can choose the nutritious Superfood Bowls. Rich in vitamins, high in fiber and antioxidants.
Fridays™ Brunch is a new menu addition - not to be missed - with sweet and savory options, served daily until 17:00. You can enjoy a variety of dishes with eggs, such as Avocado & Eggs on Toast, Eggs Benedict, fluffy omelettes such as Avocado Omelette or Bacon & Mushrooms Omelette. Alternatively, if you’re in the mood for something sweet, you can enjoy the homemade pancakes, Chocolate & Banana or Strawberry Cream Cheese.
Their unique cocktails will complete the total “Fridays feeling”, made by experienced bartenders from fresh ingredients. Signature, trendy and classic options will enhance any Fridays™ taste.

TGI Fridays™
TGI Fridays™
TGI Fridays™

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