The Bridal Edit: Get inspired for your wedding day!

The trends of each decade influence the style of bridal looks. The 50's were characterized by Dior's New Look, the 80's were dominated by extravagance and the 90's by minimalism. Either way, it's all about finding the style that makes you feel like yourself.

Here Comes The Bride 

One of the most successful Greek houses, Celia Kritharioti, has put her signature on stunning bridal creations. White, both symbolic and timeless, is intertwined with the wedding dress. Choose one in satin taffeta A-line with a belted waist, minimal yet with a fairytale touch. Of course you can customize it, adding details that will show off your personality - store 5226 Celia Kritharioti. Luxurious satin and the sparkle of a jewel make up the shoe that will uniquely complete your look - brand Jimmy Choo, Kalogirou store.

Wedding Jewellery 

There is a tradition that requires the bride to wear something blue. Diamond and sapphire earrings - Anatol store - are the most beautiful way to incorporate "something blue" into your bridal look. There is no doubt that the engagement ring and wedding band are the most important jewelry a bride will wear on her wedding day. Regardless, if you are looking for a stunning ring to adorn your hands, a white gold ring with diamonds forming a bouquet of flowers - Kessaris store - is the right choice.

Bridal Beauty 

Makeup for that day should be dazzling yet keep it effortlessly balanced for a natural look. Either way, glamour is one element that should definitely not be missed. With the Diamond Bomb highlighter - brand Fenty Beauty, Sephora store - you'll achieve the desired look. Manicured limbs are a must for your wedding day. Opt for a chic off-white shade - brand Kinetics, Fairynails store - that will give you the necessary elegance. Perfumes are always associated with memories, so for your wedding day choose something special. Blanche - brand Byredo, attica department store - inspired as its name suggests by the idea of white, with notes of white roses, peonies, musk and pink pepper makes it ideal for the big day. 

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